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ALOA members collect, culture and analyse the growth and drug sensitivity of cancer tissue
Our cancer research

Our members are growing cancer and normal organoids from pancreas, liver, stomach, breast, head and neck, lung, ovarian and brain surgical specimens

Much of the research is focussed on linking patient outcomes to the responses of the organoids, consequently patient and genetic data are linked to the organoid experiments

Current ALOA cancer projects

Colorectal cancer: we are growing and analysing the drug sensitivity of cancer organoids from colon and rectal biopsies

Pre-cancerous tissues: our members are growing pre-cancerous organoids from colon adenomas and from patients with genetic predispositions for specific cancers

Laboratory models: our members are growing normal and cancer organoids from mouse models of pre-cancerous and cancerous tissues

Rectal cancer: organoids are being used to measure immune responses to rectal tumours

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