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Organoids Are Us 2021

Organoids Are Us 2021

“Organoids Are Us 2021” was a one-day symposium, co-hosted by the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute (WEHI) and the Peter Doherty Institute (Doherty), featuring research involving organoids. Organoid technologies have transformed science and medicine.

The focus this year was “organoids modelling authentic infection”. However, as always for these symposia, there were talks on stem cells, cancer, high through-put platforms and recent advances. The first keynote was delivered by Prof Kanta Subbarao, Doherty, featuring iPS-derived organoids to model SARS-CoV-2 infection of diverse tissues. The second keynote, the “Tony Burgess Oration”, was delivered by Prof Hans Clevers, Utrecht, who pioneered tissue stem cell-derived organoids. Hans was introduced by Prof Doug Hilton, director of WEHI, who paid tribute to Prof Tony Burgess, former director of the Ludwig Institute, Melbourne Branch and a true visionary. Tony conceived the idea for a VCCC (Victorian Comprehensive Cancer centre) and is a founding member of the Australian Living Organoid Alliance (ALOA).

This is the third “OrU” symposium that we have organised. The topic “infection-organoids” is an emerging area and featured in OrU 2018 with presentations from early career researchers ‘rapid fire’ format and in OrU 2019 with one of the keynote addresses. In OrU 2021, as anticipated, organoids modelling infection was the main theme of the symposium.

Huge thanks to our sponsors, WEHI A/V and IT, WEHI and Doherty comms, our time keepers Bang Tran and Ronnie Low

Stay posted for “Organoids Are Us 2022”!

Click on the link below to view session talks from the Symposium!

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